Monday, March 6, 2017

The Medieval French Forum of the MLA is sponsoring two sessions and co-sponsoring a third at the MLA.  Please send abstracts to the names listed for each separate session.  Please feel free to circulate widely - and to email the organisers for more information,  given the brevity of the official MLA descriptions!

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Joint session Medieval/16th c. French:
Propaganda, Polemic, Persuasion: A Round-Table
How did changing modes of literary production, patronage, and censorship affect the presentation and exchange of ideas in French Medieval and Renaissance worlds? Please send 200-word proposals by 10 March 2017 to Cathy Yandell ( and Kathy M. Krause (​

Medieval French sessions:
1. The DNA of Story
The DNA of Story: the replication, proliferation, mutation, variation of stories across texts, genres, manuscripts, etc. When is the “same story” no longer the same? 250 word abstracts by 15 March 2017 to Kathy M. Krause (

Empty rumors, false accusations or reports, malicious gossip, (mis)information, obfuscation, tall tales, impossible boasts, etc. circulating in Medieval French literature. 250 word abstracts to Kathy Krause by 15 March 2017 to Kathy M. Krause (

Dr. Kathy M. Krause
Professor of French
Dept of Foreign Languages & Literatures
Univ. of Missouri-Kansas City

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