Monday, November 30, 2015

Digital Humanities Course

t is a pleasure for us to announce at the Open University announced that the registration period is extended until March 13, for the two courses offered by the Digital Innovation Lab @UNED (LINHD): the “Experto professional en Humanidades Digitales” in its second edition (specialization course in Digital Humanities), and the “Experto Profesional en Edición Digital Académica” (specialization course in Digital Scholarly Editing).
Registration is open till 1st December and admissions are limited. The courses will start in January 2015 and will end in September. Each of them consists of 30 units, and will be taught completely online and in Spanish.
We hope that this initiative will let users a deeper knowledge of digital humanities and digital scholarly editing. Please, feel free to circulate this message among all people that could be interested in following any of these programs.
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Elena González-Blanco García
Director of the Digital Humanities Innovation Lab @UNED (LINHD)
Rosa Sebastià
Digital Medievalist --
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