Monday, March 6, 2017


Charlemagne’s Ghost: Legacies, Leftovers, and Legends of the Carolingian Empire

44th Annual New England Medieval Conference
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Cambridge, MA
Saturday, October 7, 2017

Keynote: Simon MacLean (University of St. Andrews), “What Was Post-Carolingian about Post-Carolingian Europe?”

Scholars have long recognized that the Frankish emperor Charlemagne (768-814) and his dynasty – the Carolingians – played an important role in the formation of medieval Europe. Yet they still debate the long-term consequences of the collapse of the Carolingian empire in 888 and the diverse ways in which Charlemagne’s family shaped subsequent medieval civilization. This conference invites medievalists of all disciplines and specializations to investigate the legacies, leftovers, and legends of the Carolingian empire in the central and later Middle Ages. We welcome papers that consider a wide array of Carolingian legacies in the realms of kingship and political culture, literature and poetry, art and architecture, manuscripts and material artifacts, the Church and monasticism, as well as Europe’s relations with its neighbors and the wider Byzantine and Muslim worlds. We urge participants to reflect on the ways in which later medieval rulers, writers, artists, and communities both remembered and forgot Charlemagne, the Carolingians, and the Frankish empire. In short, this conference will explore the ways in which Charlemagne’s ghost haunted the medieval world.

Please send an abstract of 250 words and a CV to Eric Goldberg ( via email attachment. On your abstract provide your name, institution, the title of your proposal, and email address. Abstracts are due July 1, 2017.

Assistant Professor
English Department
Boston College
Co-editor, Yearbook of Langland Studies

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