Thursday, March 2, 2017

lease spread the word about the London Anglo-Saxon Symposium (LASS) on 25 March 2017, starting at 2pm.  This year, our sixth, the theme is 'Animals'.  We will be looking at the Anglo-Saxons' relationships with animals from a number of angles, starting with some of the ways in which they represented animals in their art and literature, then looking at their use of animals in hunting and farming, and moving on to a handling session and discussion of animal products.  We will end with a wine reception.

The programme, with a link to register online, can be found here:

The key thing about LASS is reaching out to the general public, so do pass this information on to people outside of academia who might be interested, too.

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Dr J. Neville<>
Reader in Anglo-Saxon Literature<>
Dept of English<>
Royal Holloway<>, University of London

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