Monday, February 1, 2010


The Centre for Computing in the Humanities, King's College London is
looking for three highly motivated and technically sophisticated
individuals to work on its text-based research projects. The
positions will involve using computer tools and methods to facilitate
digital scholarship.

CCH is both a department with responsibility for its own academic
programme and a research centre promoting the appropriate application
of computing in humanities research. Its research projects cover a
wide range of humanities disciplines, including medieval studies,
history, literature and linguistics, and music, and also include a
number of more general information management projects in both
humanities and the social sciences.

The successful candidates will possess strong analytical and problem
solving skills: they will be required to identify and engage with the
core scholarly questions in a highly collaborative research context;
to analyse a wide variety of humanities materials and to model them
using XML-related technologies; to design and develop systems for
editing and delivering text-based scholarly materials and to
collaborate in the design of integrated HTML-based publication.
Experience in creating and manipulating XML documents in a range of
XML-related standards and technologies (DTDs, XPath, XSLT) is highly
desirable, in particular textual materials encoded according to the
Text Encoding Initiative's guidelines.

All successful candidates will need to have a good understanding of
how research is conducted in the humanities and social sciences and
will be expected to make a strong contribution to the departmental
research profile. They will need to be able to work effectively as
part of a team, as well as independently. They must have good
communication skills and the ability to document their work in clear
written English.

One position is for one year on Fixed Term Contract (Maternity Cover)
- within the Grade 5 scale, currently £28,074 to £32,176, inclusive
of London Allowance.

Two positions are for one year on Fixed Term Contract - within the
Grade 6 scale, currently £30,070 to £39,038 per annum, inclusive of
London Allowance.

Closing date: 12th February 2010

Please view and apply for positions at the following URLs:

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Patrick said...

These are not the only new appointments at KCL Arts and Humanities. The philosophy blog Leiter Reports has just published a very illuminating piece which seems to make far more sense of the king's situation than anything else to date. The indication is that the restructuring has more to do with the agenda of the head of the school, who is using the government cuts as a smokescreen to generate funding for a number of new position: