Monday, February 16, 2009

Via Linguist List: IPA Trainer

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I have programmed the first version of a tool I call IPA Trainer. It is a
tool supposed to help students learn the IPA characters. I believe and have
experienced that it is very helpful. Any lecturer can register, and then
customise an IPA consonants chart containing only the IPA characters that
are relevant to his/her students and in the order he/she teaches them. A
link can then be distributed to the students, and they can go practice
these characters.

I believe you will also find this interesting, and I would be happy if you
would add a link to it on your site. Any feedback/bugs are also very
welcome. The system is in English.

The system can be found at:

An introduction page for lecturers can be found at:

A manual can be downloaded from:

I really hope the system can be of use!


Linguistic Field(s): Applied Linguistics

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