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New Medieval Books in Syriac Studies

The Character of the Syriac Version of Psalms: A Study of Psalms 90-150 in the Peshitta (MPIL 17)

Ignacio Carbajosa

This book investigates the character of the Peshitta in Psalms 90-150 in order to facilitate the proper use of this version in textual criticism. It identifies the Peshitta’s translation techniques and it discusses the version’s interpretation of difficult passages in the Hebrew text. The question of the Hebrew Vorlage behind the Peshitta Psalter is raised. Also investigated here is the relationship between the Peshitta Psalms and the LXX and Targum, and an assessment of the supposed influence of these versions on the Peshitta Psalter is offered. Inquiry is made into the theology of the translation, the identity of the translators, and the relationships among the manuscripts of the Peshitta Psalter. This text is designed as a tool for scholars who, when confronted by critical questions in the Psalter, seek to understand the readings preserved in the Peshitta.

Jacob of Edessa and the Syriac Culture of His Day (MPIL 18)

Edited by Bas ter Haar Romeny

Jacob of Edessa (c.640-708) is considered the most learned Christian of the early days of Islam. In all fifteen contributions to this volume, the interaction between Christianity, Judaism, and the new religion is an important issue. The articles discuss Jacob’s biography as well as his position in early Islamic Edessa, and give a full picture of the various aspects of Jacob of Edessa’s life and work as a scholar and clergyman. Attention is paid to his efforts in the fields of historiography, correspondence, canon law, text and interpretation of the Bible, language and translation, theology, philosophy, and science. The book, which marks the 1300th anniversary of Jacob’s death, also contains a bibliographical clavis.

Contributors are: William Adler, Jan J. van Ginkel, Robert G. Hoyland, Henri Hugonnard-Roche, Konrad D. Jenner, Dirk Kruisheer, Bas ter Haar Romeny, Richard J. Saley, Alison Salvesen, Herman Teule, Lucas Van Rompay, Baby Varghese, Marina Wilks, Witold Witakowski, and the late Rafi Talmon.

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