Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Aramaic Studies 6.2 2008 Published by Brill

Aramaic Studies 6.2 (2008)

This is now a Brill journal. The table of contents of this issue:

The Division between Western and Eastern Manuscripts in the Peshitta Psalter: An Insurmountable Obstacle for a Critical Edition?

Carbajosa, Ignacio

Diathesis and Middle Voice in the Syriac Ancient Grammatical Tradition: The Translations and Adaptations of the Téchne Grammatiké and the Arabic Model

Farina, Margherita

Sin, Iniquity, Wickedness, and Rebellion in the Peshitta to Isaiah and Jeremiah

Greenberg, Gillian

The Authorial Spirit? Biblical Citations in Jacob of Edessa's Hexaemeron

Salvesen, Alison

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