Sunday, February 22, 2009

Roger Pearse at it again....

One of these is the "Commentary on the Nicene Creed" by al-Majdalus.
He may have been a Melkite priest of the 10th century. This one came
in last weekend, which is why I publicise it.

You can get the Arabic text, and English translation in Word
documents. A kind gentleman has combined the two in a PDF. These
three files are here:

I've also formatted the translation as HTML and included it in my
collection of patristic texts not otherwise online here:

All the texts on this page are public domain; do whatever you like
with them. If people want to upload copies to their own websites,
etc, I'd be most honoured.

If anyone would like to support the site by buying a CDROM of it,
that can be done from here:

Sales go towards hiring people willing to transcribe and/or translate
things for us all

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