Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Symposium on Christian and Islamic Art

Here is some information on a Symposium on Christian and Islamic Art and Architecture which will take place THIS week in Leiden:


The symposium also serves as an introduction to the Summer Course “Christian and Islamic Art and Architecture – a heritage of religious interaction”, which will be given from 21 June – 16 July 2009 in the Netherlands Institute for Academic Studies in Damascus (NIASD), Syria. This course, open to BA and MA students with a relevant background (e.g. art history, archaeology, history, theology, Islamic studies, Arabic studies, etc.), offers in-depth classes and excursions focusing on Christian and Islamic art and architecture, with specific attention to the cultural interaction existing between these groups. Part of the papers presented during the symposium will be given by lecturers of the 2009 Summer Course. The symposium therefore offers an excellent introduction to students who are interested in participating in the 2009 course.

For more information on the 2009 Course contents, admission procedures, etc., see:


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