Thursday, December 18, 2008

Catalogue of Digitized Medieval Manuscripts

Catalogue of Digitized Medieval Manuscripts. Hosted by UCLA's
Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, the Catalogue seeks to
provide a technological solution to a simple and rather delightful
"problem": the breathtaking increase in the number of medieval
manuscripts available on the web in their entirety, but in a
bewildering range of venues and formats.
> From the Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies (CMRS) at UCLA:

Currently, almost one thousand manuscripts, digitized and available
in their entirety on the web, have been entered into the Catalogue.
Users can search the Catalogue on basic information about
manuscripts, such as the location, language, or date of a codex, or
browse through the complete Catalogue.

We welcome feedback on your experience using the website, and
particularly welcome suggestions for sites not currently represented
in the Catalogue. The Catalogue can be accessed at: More information about the project:, or by contacting Matthew
Fisher at fisher[at]humnet[dot]ucla[dot]edu.

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