Tuesday, September 11, 2018

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*Still accepting submissions*

The Anglo-Saxon Hagiography Society (ASHS) is once again sponsoring
two sessions at the Kalamazoo International Congress in 2019. The
panels for these sessions have not been prearranged, and we are still
actively accepting abstracts for both sessions! We are looking for
submissions on these broad topics:

(1) Anonymous Anglo-Saxon Saints’ Lives

(2) The Global (in the) Anonymous Anglo-Saxon Saint's Life

The ASHS sessions have become an established platform for sustained
conversation about and exploration of anonymous hagiography, in both
the vernacular and Latin, of Anglo-Saxon England. The last few years
have marked considerable changes in the field of early medieval
studies, including a push for a more inclusive, more diverse, more
global perspective of both our own contemporary field as well as of
the medieval worlds we study. In light of this, we invite submissions
for papers dealing with anonymous Anglo-Saxon saints’ lives that
reflect a global view, whether in the geographic location of the
saint, the presentation of the text’s content and ideologies, or the
reception history of a particular saint or life. Our second session
with open topic will feature papers that treat any aspect of anonymous
Anglo-Saxon saints’ lives. We hope to continue to use Kalamazoo as an
opportunity to build an inclusive community of scholars, to nurture
junior scholars, and to demonstrate the diversity inherent in the
sources we study. We invite scholars at any stage in their career to
share their work on anonymous hagiography.

Submit abstracts by September 15 to:
Robin Norris (RobinNorris AT cunet.carleton.ca<http://cunet.carleton.ca/>)
Johanna Kramer (Kramerji AT missouri.edu<http://missouri.edu/>)

Meanwhile, feel free to contact either of us with questions.

The co-organizers,
Robin Norris, Carleton University
Johanna Kramer, University of Missouri-Columbia

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