Friday, September 7, 2018

Dear colleagues,
As the deadline approaches, a brief reminder that the organizers of
Shifting Frontiers XIII (being held March 14-17, Los Angeles) are now
accepting paper proposals. We invite papers examining the impact and
response of communities and individuals to "disasters" (defined
broadly as economic, environmental, political, religious, cultural
upheaval). Paper proposals should be received no later than October 1,
2018, and may be sent to For more details, please
visit the webpage link:<>
Any questions may be addressed to Shane Bjornlie at
On behalf of the Shifting Frontiers XIII organizers, msb

M. Shane Bjornlie, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Roman and Late Antique History

Chair, Department of History, Claremont McKenna College

"The most attentive imitator of the ancients is the noblest instructor
of moderns", Cassiodorus, Variae 4.51.2

"Behold, therefore, how much one who is able to instruct so many ought
to know", Cassiodorus, Variae 7.5.5

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