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Medieval Art & Architecture Events calendar

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In the week that saw the publication of the Royal Irish Academy’s monumental five-volume ‘Art and Architecture of Ireland’, the medieval volume’s reach across 400–1600CE reminds us that a ‘medieval events list’ like ours must inevitably overlap its margins – Late Antiquity/Iron Age influencing what would follow, and Early Modern/Renaissance integral to what went before.

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Trinity College Dublin.
CFP/CFS = Call for Papers/Call for Sessions. 
New events appear first, highlighted.

-------November 2014-------

30 November CFP deadline
Manchester Centre for Anglo-Saxon Studies (MANCASS)
Easter Conference 2015
Manhood in Anglo-Saxon England


5 December
University of York Centre for Medieval Studies
Medieval Autographs, Holographs and Contemporary Copies
The Courtauld Institute of Art
Religion, Art and Conflict: disputes, destruction and creation
Société Internationale des Médiévistes, Paris
The Evolution of the Cult of St. Ursula
Kristin Hoefener, Universität Würzburg

-------January 2015-------

7–9 January
Gender and Medieval Studies
Gender, Dirt and Taboo 
Bangor University, Wales

19 January–16 February, Mondays only
The Paul Mellon Lecture Series 2015
Sculpture on the Threshold: An enquiry into the underlying forms of sculpture
Penelope Curtis, Director of Tate Britain

25 JanuaryCFP deadline
Eleventh Annual Oxford Medieval Graduate Conference 2015, with
Society for the Study of Medieval Languages and Literature
29 January 
Bangor University School of History, Welsh History and Archaeology
Archaeology Seminar Series
Urban development in Late Iron Age Europe: Oppida and Open Agglomerations
Manuel Fernandez-Götz, University of Edinburgh

31 January CFP deadline
University of the Highlands and Islands Centre for Nordic Studies, with Uppsala Runic Forum
Ninth full-day runic colloquium (+ day tour)
Rune Rede

27 February CFP deadline
Early Medieval Archaeology Student Symposium 
EMASS 2015
23–25 April. University of Oxford


12–14 March 
Medieval Academy of America
Annual Meeting  
Medieval Institute of the University of Notre Dame
(CFP deadline past). Threads and sessions at:


24–26 April 
Lyminge Archaeological Project
Early Medieval Monasticism in the North Sea Zone: New Research and Fresh Perspectives

19 May
Durham University Institute of Medieval and Early Modern Studies (IMEMS)
How to do Things with Fur: Medieval Art and the Matter of ‘The Animal’
Robert Mills, University College London

20–22 May 
Association of Interdisciplinary Research and Diffusion of Medieval Cultures (ARDIT),
2nd ARDIT International Congress of Predoctoral Medievalists
Senses and Sensuality in the Middle Ages
Trinity College Dublin
History Books in the Anglo-Norman World


-------November 2014-------

24 November 
Durham University Institute of Medieval and Early Modern Studies
Secrets of the Stave Churches: The Archaeology of Sacred Space and the Economy of Salvation in the High Middle Ages

25 November
Khalili Research Centre, University of Oxford
Centre-periphery in early Islamic art and architecture
Jeremy Johns, Khalili Research Centre

24  November
Cambridge University History of Art Department
Magic and Healing: Images of Charms in Late Medieval English Medical Manuscripts,

26 November  
Institute of Historical Research
Investigating the chest burial rite in northern England c. A.D.650-900: an archaeological, osteological and historical approach
Elizabeth Craig-Atkins, University of Sheffield

26 November
Warburg Institute seminar
From Istanbul to Bologna: Islamic art in Italy in the sixteenth century
Federica Gigante, SOAS, University of London

26 November  
Institute of Historical Research
Investigating the chest burial rite in northern England c. A.D.650-900: an archaeological, osteological and historical approach
Elizabeth Craig-Atkins, University of Sheffield

27 November
Courtauld Institute of Art Research Forum
Solve Calceamentum de Pedibus Tuis: Locus Enim, in Quo Stas, Terra Sancta Est’ (exod. 3: 5): Liturgical, Theological, Architectural, and Art Historical Perspectives on the Ethiopian Church

28 November
CFP deadline
Monastic Europe Landscape & Settlement project
International Conference

28–30 November 
East–West and the Middle Ages

29 November
Oxford University Department of Continuing Education
Medieval Christian Iconography for Art Historians

-------December ------

1 December 
Association for Manuscripts and Archives in Research Collections (AMARC)
Conference on 14th-century illuminated manuscripts, in honour of Lucy Freeman Sandler
1 December  CFP deadline
Mid-America Medieval Association 2015 Annual Conference
Collectivity & Exchange
28 Febuary. The University of Missouri-Kansas City, Kansas City

3 December
Institute of Art History, University of Glasgow
The Fourteenth-Century Tring Tiles and the Jewishness of Jesus in Late Medieval English Art
Debra Strickland, University of Glasgow

4 December
Cardiff Archaeological Society
Return to Llanbedrgoch - Viking Anglesey reconsidered

5 December   CFP deadline
Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies
21st Annual ACMRS Conference:
Trades, Talents, Guilds, and Specialists: Getting Things Done in the Middle Ages and Renaissance
5–7 February 2015. Scottsdale, Arizona

9 December
University College London Institute of Historical Research Early Middle Ages Seminar 
Glass vessels in middle and late Anglo-Saxon England
Rose Broadley, UCL Inst. of Archaeology

10 December   CFP deadline
Medieval Art Research, Courtauld Institute of Art
Sister Act: Female Monasticism and the Arts across Europe ca. 1250 – 1550 

10 December  CFP deadline
The 47th Spring Symposium of Byzantine Studies
Whose Mediterranean is it anyway? cross-cultural interaction between Byzantium and the west 1204–1669
28–30 March 2015.  The Open University, Milton Keynes

10 December
Warburg Institute, Work in Progress Seminar
The Norman Conquest of Puglia in Southern Italy and its Impact on the Visual Arts
Clare Vernon, Cambridge University, History of Art,

11 December
Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland
Rethinking Crannogs: the Drumclay Factor
Nora Bermingham, TVAS Ireland
7.30pm, 63 Merrion Sq., Dublin
(website under  construction)

11 December
Institute of Historical Research, School of Advanced Studies, University College London
Late Medieval and Early Modern Italy
The first murder: The iconography of Cain and Abel in fifteenth-century Florence and Bologna
Scott Nethersole, Courtauld Institute

12–14 December 
Archaeological Research Unit, University of Cyprus,
The Art and Archaeology of Lusignan and Venetian Cyprus (1192-1571)

31 December
CFP/CFS deadline
Saint Louis University Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies
Third Annual Symposium on Medieval and Renaissance Studies
15–17 June 2015. Saint Louis University

------- January  2015-------

12 January CFP deadline
University of Reading Graduate School for Medieval Studies
On the Edge
21 March 2015. University of Reading

31 January    CFP deadline
Othello's Island  / UK–USA academic convenor group
3rd Annual Multidisciplinary Conference on Mediaeval and Renaissance Literature
20–22 March 2015.

------- February 2015-------

7 February
Courtauld Institute of Art Research Forum
20th Annual Medieval Postgraduate Student Colloquium
Movement in Medieval Art and Architecture
University College Cork evening lecture
Combs in the community: a Viking artefact biography
Steve Ashby, University of York

10 February 
University College Cork, lunchtime seminar
Antlerworking, towns, and the start of the Viking Age
Steve Ashby, University of York

10 February
UCL Institute of Archaeology/British Museum Medieval Seminar Series
Of Chrismals and Reliquaries: Sacral Matter and Insular House-shaped Shrines
11–14 February 
New York
College Art Association 103rd Annual Conference
Sessions include:
   * Blurring the Boundaries: Allusion, Evocation, and Imitation in Ancient and Medieval Surface Decoration
   * Biblical Archetypes in the Middle Ages;
   * The Market for Medieval Art in America
   * International Center of Medieval Art: Moving Women, Moving Objects (300–1500)
   * The Material Imagination: Critical Inquiry into Performance and Display of Medieval Art
Full schedule/sessions/papers at:

19 February 
University College London, Institute of Historical Research
Documents as Art: England, France and Iberia, c.1200-1450 
Jessica Berenbeim, Magdalen College, Oxford

19–21 February 
University of Florida
Vagantes Medieval Graduate Student Conference.
Deadline for Papers and for International Travel Grants: 3 November 2014.

20–21 February

University of California Berkeley Program in Medieval Studies
Interdisciplinary graduate student conference
Medieval Ethics and Aesthetics: The Good and the Beautiful?

20–21 February 
Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Saint Louis University
32nd Annual Illinois Medieval Association Conference
Medieval Narratives

------- March-------

19–20 March
 Aarhus University
Interdisciplinary Student Symposium on Viking and Medieval Scandinavian Subjects

20–22 March
University of Pennsylvania
Against Gravity: Building Practices in the Pre-Industrial World

24 March 
Cardiff University
Centre for the Study of  Medieval Society and Culture
“A Different Kind of People”? Exploring the Archaeology of the Medieval Small Town
Ben Jervis, Archaeology, Cardiff University

24–28 March 
3rd Congress of German Art Historians
Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz 

-------April -------

8-10 April
Keltologie,  Philipps-Universität Marburg
Crossing Borders in the Insular Middle Ages, c. 900-1500
10–12 April 
Queens University Belfast
Borderlines XIX
Translating the Past: Appropriating the Medieval and Early Modern Worlds
15–19 April  
Society of Architectural Historians
SAH 68th Annual Conference
GCMS, University of Reading / History Books in the Anglo-Norman World Project, Trinity College Dublin
Reading, Scholarship and the Art of the Book at Reading Abbey, 1121-1539
Catholic University of Angers (Faculty of Humanities), and University of Lausanne (Department of History of Art)
The Transept and its Upper Levels in the High Medieval Church
University of Lausanne
Proposals for papers, and cv to  and to

25 April 
Centre for the Study of the Viking Age
The eleventh annual Midlands Viking Symposium. 
University of Leicester
Details to follow.

5 May 
Durham University Institute of Medieval and Early Modern Studies (IMEMS)
Seminar Series
Mapping the Ends of the Earth in European and Islamic Traditions

8 May
University of Copenhagen
34. Tværfaglige Vikingesymposium  –  34th Interdisciplinary Viking Symposium:
Vikings in the Baltic
CFP in .docx form available from courtesy of

29–31 May
Le Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication, l’Institut national d’histoire de l’art et le Château de Fontainebleau
5e Festival d’histoire de l’art

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