Monday, November 24, 2014

CFP Interdisciplinary Viking Symposium

Call for papers
34. Tværfaglige Vikingesymposium    34th Interdisciplinary Viking Symposium
8 May 2015

The symposium theme is “Vikings in the Baltic”, focussing on the less explored parts of Viking activities, namely those in the Baltic region. The theme encompasses all aspects of life, whether mundane or glamorous, covering activities such as, sea-faring, raiding, trading, settlement farming and craftsmanship, as well as government and administration, religion and devotional practices, art and leisure. The theme is a broad one by design to accommodate not only archaeological and historical investigations, but also explorations of the language, literature and place-names of the period. Papers on open topics may also be considered.
The 34th Interdisciplinary Viking Symposium will be held on Friday, 8 May 2015 at University of Copenhagen, in auditorium 23.0.50.
Proposals must be submitted as titles and abstracts. Upon submittal, proposals will be evaluated “blind” by members of the Interdisciplinary Viking Symposium Board. Decisions regarding which proposals are accepted will be announced by December 2014.
Three specially invited guests will be presenting the latest Viking-Age discoveries in keynote presentations of 30 minutes.
Presentations are 20 minutes in length, and will be grouped into 3-paper sessions of one hour. Please leave 2-3 minutes for time for questions and discussion. Abstracts should be no more than 500 words. Papers are accepted in English, German or one of the Scandinavian languages. Presentations will be published in peer-reviewed format through Interdisciplinary Viking Symposium’s publications. It should be noted that submissions for publication are subject to a strict deadline.
All presentations will be held in a room that is fully equipped with audio-visual and computer equipment.
Abstracts can be submitted until the 1 December 2014 by e-mail to the organisers at: Please note that the deadline of 1 December is necessary to allow time for the reviewing process, and will not be extended.

Questions or problems relating to the submission of proposals may be directed to the organisers via:

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