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*Scholarly Codicological*

*Research, Information & Palaeographical Tools*

*Paul Lehmann Graduate Fellowship*


The SCRIPTO graduate programme at Friedrich-Alexander-University
Erlangen-Nuremberg aims to provide a systematic, research-oriented
introduction to the study of medieval and early modern books and their
interpretation. It combines research and instruction within the
framework of a uniquely innovative course, at the end of which each
candidate will be awarded a diploma from Friedrich-Alexander-University.

SCRIPTO is made up of a broad spectrum of subjects and offers the
following *courses*:

History and principles of cataloguing; text typology (philosophical and
theological texts; literary texts; liturgy; music; law; medicine;
medieval Latin; Book illumination (technology; stylistic history;
illustrational typology; iconography); palaeography, codicology,
incunabula studies;

SCRIPTO digital (Informatics as use and construction of databanks for
the interpretation, drawing up and administration of information about
manuscripts and preparation of printed catalogues; new: digitizing
medieval manuscripts, held at the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek in Munich).

SCRIPTO VI offers additional research seminars by *Prof. E. Kwakkel*
(Leiden) (Measuring the immeasurable: Script development in the long
twelfth century), and *Prof. A. Stieldorf* (Bamberg) (Urkunden in
Handschriften. Zur Funktion mittelalterlicher Chartulare), a practical
training course in medieval bookbinding by *M. Strebel* (Hunzenschwil,
CH), the new Franconian Seminar by *Dr A. Fleischer* (Heidelberg)and
*Prof. M. C. Ferrari* (Erlangen) on Cistercian book culture as well as
an expected study trip to Sweden.

Participants will also have the opportunity to work on a common research

The German Manuscript Centres in Berlin,Frankfurt, Leipzig,
Munich,Stuttgart and WolfenbĂĽttel are supportive of the SCRIPTO

Sessions will take place in Erlangen (Universitaetsbibliothek), Munich
(Bayerische Staatsbibliothek), Nuremberg (Stadtbibliothek) and
Wolfenbuettel (Herzog August Bibliothek) at a fee of 1280 Euros per
participant (which includes travel and accommodations for seminars
outside of Erlangen). It is possible to take part in chosen modules
instead of taking part in the complete programme (in this case, the fee
will be reduced). Further information may be obtained online:


Note also:


SCRIPTO VI will run from 22 April 2013 until 29 June

2013. Applicants should write enclosing a full CV to:

Prof. Dr. Michele C. Ferrari


Mittellatein und Neulatein

Kochstr. 4/3

D-91054 Erlangen (Germany)
> *The application deadline is 1 March 2013*. The language of instruction is German (foreign participants, however, will be able to take German language courses at Friedrich-Alexander University if they so wish; they have to mention this in their application).Those applicants accepted for the course will be charged 1280 Euros and will receive a document stating the terms of agreement and detailed information about the course, including the timetable. In 2013 again, the *Paul Lehmann Graduate Fellowship* (1500 Euros plus the course fee) will be awarded to a young scholar who wishes to apply for SCRIPTO VI.

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