Sunday, February 10, 2013

Manuscripts Online

he launch of Manuscripts Online is not far away now and your help with testing
the search engine would be invaluable. If you have a little time to spare over
the Christmas holidays please try it out at the test site below and send
feedback to:

The URL is:

This is principally a call for testing on the search functions - the additional
user features (workspace, user accounts, background information, etc) are not
yet properly functional. But more general comments will also be welcome. 

We're very keen to get different perspectives and reactions based on individual
areas of interest and expertise. Any feedback you can provide will be greatly

Please do bear in mind that this is a development site and is subject to change
from day to day (and it might occasionally fall over). If you have colleagues
who you think would also be interested in providing feedback, you're welcome to
pass this email on to them, but please don't broadcast the URL publicly at this
stage, as it's not designed for large numbers of visitors.

We're holding a conference in Leicester to launch the project on 11 January
2013 - there should still be places available if you'd like to attend:

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