Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Carolingian Images

After two decades teaching medieval art history and doing photography
for my own use, I have started a photography business. As part of
that project I am posting my archive of images online for all to use
without charge. So far I have posted about 950 images, and I am
adding more all the time. The archive includes material from all
periods of western art starting with the Neolithic, but its greatest
strength is in late Roman and early medieval art. I am posting all
images at the right size for classroom use (PowerPoint friendly).
I am sharing my images partly out of loyalty to academe, and partly
in the hope of exchanging their free use for exposure. My web site
becomes increasingly visible to potential paying clients via Google
and other search engines as more people visit and link to it. I also
license my photographs for publication, so of course I want scholars
to know that they exist.
I am sending this message now so that people can use my archive
during the new academic term. Also, I am currently planning a
research/photography trip to Europe in October. I will be in London,
Paris, Mainz, Ravenna, Budapest, Szekszárd, and Kaposvár. Anyone who
needs images from places in or near the cities where I will be
working could piggyback a request on to the trip without having to
pay major travel expenses.
My general web address is .
To go directly to the historical archive, the address is .
Best regards to all,
Genevra Kornbluth

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