Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Program in Medieval Studies at Princeton University

The Program in Medieval Studies at Princeton University is pleased to
announce its sixteenth annual Graduate Conference:

Law and Legal Culture in the Middle Ages
4 April 2009
Scheide-Caldwell House, Princeton University

free and open to the public

9:30-11:00 -- Keynote address

"Rereading the Motel: Law as Literature in Medieval Wales"
Robin Stacey, Professor of History at the University of Washington

11:15-1:00 -- The Reading and Writing of Law
chaired by Michelle Garceau, Department of History

"The Burden of Proof: The Medieval Judicial Ordeal and the Polygraph"
Maria Sequeira Mendes, University of Lisbon

"Wulfstan of York, the Canons of Edgar, and Excerptiones
pseudo-Ecgberhti: Sources and Authorship"
Michael D. Elliot, University of Toronto

"Transmission of Legal Knowledge by 'False Impression': The Practice
of Tadlis in the Transmission of Muslim Hadith"
Amr Osman, Princeton University

2:00-3:15 -- Communities of Law
chaired by Intisar A. Rabb, Department of Near Eastern Studies

"A Kingdom Invented: Royal Power and the Law in Medieval Portugal"
André Vitória, University of Porto

"'A Community of Their Own': Twelfth- and Thirteenth-Century
Anglo-Jewish Law and the Continental Tosafist Community"
Ethan Zadoff, CUNY Graduate Center

3:30-4:45 -- Generic Flexibility of Law
chaired by Moulie Vidas, Department of Religion

"Legal Adaptability amidst Legal Continuity: The Peira as Evidence
for the Vitality of Eleventh-Century Byzantine Law"
Zachary Chitwood, Princeton University

"Margery Kempe, Barrister?"
Andrea F. Jones, University of California at Los Angeles

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