Saturday, March 7, 2009

Blood, Sex, Malory


Blood, Sex, Malory: An International Conference on the Morte Darthur, its
sources and reception.

University of Leicester, 24th-25th April 2009

*To accommodate demand, conference registration is EXTENDED until 14th

Day and overnight rates available. for more information.*

(Please note that delegates should register even if accommodation is not
required, so that we can supply the right amount of food and venue space.)

Speakers include:

Elizabeth Archibald, Catherine La Farge, A. S. G. Edwards, Carolyne
Larrington, Helen Phillips

BLOOD, SEX, MALORY will provide a forum in which researchers can explore the
diverse associations of sex and blood in the Malorian tradition,
encompassing sexuality and sexual activity (and its lack/erasure) and the
significance of blood (and blood-shedding), but also the interconnections
with gender (biological sex) and familial ('blood') relations in the Morte
and its sources and later reworkings.

The conference is interdisciplinary and open to all research students and

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