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International Conference on Paphlagonia and Pontus in Antiquity and the
early Byzantine Period (7th c. BC-7th c. AD)

May 31-June 4, 2008 / Izmir, Turkey

First Circular - Call for Papers

Dear Colleagues,

An international conference on Paphlagonia and Pontus in antiquity and the
early Byzantine period (7th c. BC-7th c. AD) will take place between May
31st and June 4th, 2008 at the Dokuz Eylul University in Izmir, Turkey.
The conference is jointly organised by the Department of Archaeology,
Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Dokuz Eylul University, Izmir and The Centre
for Classics and Archaeology, School of Historical Studies, University of
Melbourne. This conference will be organised as a part of the Paphlagonia
Project, a long-term archaeological field project in central Paphlagonia

We invite papers from scholars and graduate students on any aspect of
Paphlagonia and Pontus in the above period. The conference aims to bring
together participants from throughout the world to discuss a range of
issues concerning this North Anatolian landscape and encourage dialogue
amongst and between Classical and Near Eastern archaeologists, ancient
historians, classicists and all other disciplines from Classical, Near
Eastern and Anatolian Studies.

Paphlagonia is an area of the central Black Sea coastal region of Turkey,
situated between Bithynia and Pontus, and separated from Galatia by an
eastern outlier of the Bithynian Olympus. It is a mountainous district
with the Halys as its chief river; along its coast were a number of
colonies, including Greek Sinope. It was a contact zone between the Greeks
of the Black Sea region and the Iron Age population of Central Anatolia.

The conference seeks papers on both the adaptation and change and the
continuity of culture(s) over time and space, and on the construction of
ethnic identities in the culturally diverse area of Paphlagonia and
Pontus. Participants are encouraged to explore all kinds of evidence on
the region and its relations with other areas (Galatia, Bithynia,
Propontis, Thrace, Colchis/Georgia, Armenia, the rest of the Black Sea,
etc.), including textual, archaeological, artistic, anthropological,
numismatic and epigraphic, from Archaic to Early Byzantine times.

A post-conference excursion is planned on June 4th to both of the
archaeological museums of Izmir and to the excavations at Agora and Old

Papers may be given in any Western European languages (English, German,
French, Italian, Spanish) and in Turkish, although English is preferred
for both oral and poster presentations.

We hope that you will be able to participate.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact one of the

Dokuz Eylul Universitesi
Fen-Edebiyat Fakultesi
Arkeoloji Bolumu
Oda No: A 461/1
Tinaztepe/Kaynaklar Yerleskesi, Buca
TR-35160, Izmir, TURKEY.
Fax : +90.232.453 41 88.
E-mail: .

Centre for Classics and Archaeology
The University of Melbourne
Victoria 3010
Fax: +61 3 83444161
E-Mail: .

Please submit an abstract of not more than 300 words with the attached
registration form as soon as possible, and not later than January 1st,
2008. by e-mail (preferred) to ; or by fax: +90
232 453 4188.

Abstracts of accepted papers will be published separately and also made
available on the conference web site. Conference web site is still under
construction and will be appeared under

The proceedings of the conference will be published. Detailed information
will be given in the Second Circular.

The participation fee is 30 euros (20 euros for students). This does not
include accommodation, fooding or your travel expenses to Izmir.

The organisers seek the widest participation at this conference. We would
like to encourage colleagues from all parts of the world to attend. We
should be grateful if you would display copies of this circular in your

We look forward to your joining us at the Dokuz Eylul University in Izmir.


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