Monday, May 28, 2007

France: a Carolingian digital library

*Trésors Carolingiens / Carolingian Treasures*

> "The Carolingian book, a political tool put to work in
> the unification of an empire, was at the heart of a vast
> intellectual and artistic movement...
> "Charlemagne used religious reform to seal the unity of
> his empire. Glorified and sanctified, the book became one
> of the foundations of medieval culture. At the same time,
> the emperor unified education throughout the empire, and
> he spread a new form of writing, one more easily read,
> the Carolingian Miniscule... "
> This outstanding online digital library exhibition, at,

> -- provides significant portions of famous Carolingian Era
> treasures of the Bibliothèque nationale de France -- Flash
> animations presented as readable books, pages of which may be
> "turned" by clicking the page-corners -- and holding the mouse over
> most pages brings up that page's own note, and a click on a page
> center provides good magnification --

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