Monday, May 28, 2007

Early English Law

Catching up on a couple of weeks of announcements, so forgive the plethora of new posts that will be forthcoming!

Dear colleagues,

It is my very great pleasure to announce the CFP for "Early English
Law: A Centenary Conference on Die Gesetze der Angelsachsen of Felix
Liebermann (1903 - 1916)," which will be held 16-17 July, 2008, at
the Institute for Historical Research in London. Proposals of around
300 words are invited on the areas of Historiography (especially, but
not exclusively, relating to Liebermann), Evidence (manuscripts and
archeological data), Philology, Law, and Editing. Within each of
these areas, we invite proposals that consider antiquarian interest
in early laws, general historiography on the laws to the present,
assessments of Liebermann's accomplishment, the problems with his
edition, new editing work, discovery of new manuscripts or
reinterpretations of known manuscripts, construction and use of
individual manuscripts, legal terminology (Old English, Latin, or
early Anglo-Norman), considerations of individual laws, codes in
context, and comparative work on England and its neighbors!
. All sessions will be plenary, and the organizers invite proposals
for panels as well as for individual papers. Proposals should be sent
to Bruce O'Brien at the Institute of Historical Research by 31
October 2007 (email: The full CFP may be found at

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