Sunday, September 4, 2016

Sado-Masochism in Medieval Europe
Editor, Christopher Vaccaro
Call For Papers
Deadline: October 15th, 2016
This interdisciplinary collection will contain essays that engage rigorously with the evidence of sadistic and masochistic impulses in medieval culture. Papers should take advantage of medieval and/or modern theories on sexuality and of the pre-modern evidence available.
Relevant topics include but are not limited the following:
Expressions of Sado-Masochistic sex and/or love
Penitence and Penitentials
Power dynamic role play
Please submit abstracts (250-500 words) or complete essays (15-30 pages) to Christopher Vaccaro
Taking abstracts until October 15th, 2016. Complete essays will be due no later than September 1st2017. The manuscript should be ready to send off to publishers by December 1st 2017 with a publishing date in 2018. If there are questions, feel free to contact the editor by email or in person at the IMC, Kalamazoo in May.

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