Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Plymouth State University 32nd Annual Medieval and Renaissance Forum

Plymouth State University
32nd Annual Medieval and Renaissance Forum
Friday and Saturday April 15-16, 2011

Call for Papers and Sessions
“Love, Friendship, Marriage”

We invite abstracts in medieval and Early Modern studies that consider how
secular and religious love, affection, and devotion were perceived and
expressed in a variety of contexts.
Papers need not be confined to the theme, but may cover many aspects of
medieval and Renaissance life, literature, languages, art, philosophy,
theology, history and music. Student sessions with faculty sponsorship
This year’s keynote speaker is Dr. Thomas Luxon, Professor of English and
Cheheyl Professor and Director of the Dartmouth Center for the Advancement
of Learning at Dartmouth College. Dr. Luxon has published widely on Milton,
Shakespeare, and Early Modern England. He is the author of Single
Imperfection: Milton, Marriage and Friendship (Duquesne University Press,
2005), and Literal Figures: Puritan Allegory and the Reformation Crisis in
Representation (The University of Chicago Press, 1995), and the
creator/editor of The Milton Reading Room, a web edition of Milton’s poetry
and selected prose.
Students, faculty, and independent scholars are welcome.
For more information visit www.plymouth.edu/medieval

Please submit abstracts and full contact information (email and post mail
addresses) to PSUForum@gmail.com

Or via US mail:
Dr. Karolyn Kinane, Director
Medieval and Renaissance Forum
Dept. of English MSC 40
17 High Street
Plymouth State University
Plymouth, NH 03264

Abstract deadline: January 21, 2011
Presenters and early registration: March 15, 2011

Please send any further inquiries to:


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