Thursday, September 1, 2022

 Session 1:

The Future of Manuscript Studies: Honoring the Legacy of Angus J. Kennedy and Liliane Dulac (paper session, blended format)
Sponsored by: The International Christine de Pizan Society—North American Branch
This look toward the future of manuscript studies will emphasize the enduring impact of two of the most prolific, pioneering, and respected scholars in the field of Christine studies, both of whom were lost during a period of just under six months in 2021–2022. Areas of potential interest for this session include, among others, the digital humanities, new theoretical approaches, and interdisciplinary initiatives. We seek to explore new horizons in manuscript studies that will honor, in any number of ways, the pioneering work of Angus J. Kennedy and Liliane Dulac.
Please consider submitting a proposal! Our paper session and roundtable this past spring were robust and a true pleasure to attend—let’s keep up the tradition!
Questions: contact tinamarieranalli [at] gmail [dot] com

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