Monday, March 2, 2020

Digital Diplomatics

In the several years since the last conference/workshop dedicated to the
study of Digital Diplomatics, new technologies have emerged and new
projects have come to fruition. This conference/workshop will bring
together selected leading and upcoming experts in the study of Digital
Diplomatics and related fields, to facilitate a productive exchange on
the state and the future of the field. The conference will include
expert panels, lightning talks, and a poster session, which is currently
open for submissions. We are soliciting posters on any subject related
to the study of charters and computing, including:

* Machine Learning for Digital Diplomatics
* Linguistic Corpora for Digital Diplomatics
* Digitally Mediated Archives for Diplomatics
* The Future of Diplomatics

The poster session will be attended by leading experts in the field.
Currently confirmed guests include: Antonella Ambrosio (Naples),
Sébastien Barret (CNRS), Michael Gervers (Toronto), Tobias Hodel (Bern),
Timo Korkiakangas (Helsinki), Els De Parmentier (Ghent), Peter Stokes
(Paris), and Zarko Vujesovic (Vienna/Belgrade).

Submission Guidelines:

Please send a 100-word abstract of the poster project and a short C.V.
to Sean Winslow Though there is a hard
deadline of *17 March 12:00 GMT*, proposals received before then will be
evaluated on a rolling basis, and a decision will be made within a week
of receipt, and by 19 March at the latest.

Looking forward to your submissions!

Georg Vogeler / Sean Winslow

Prof. Dr. Georg Vogeler

Professur für Digital Humanities -
Zentrum für Informationsmodellierung
Universität Graz
A-8010 Graz | Elisabethstraße 59/III
Tel. +43 316 380 8033
<> - <>

Director of the Austrian Center for Digital Humanities at OeAW

Institut für Dokumentologie und Editorik e.V. <>
International Center for Archival Research ICARus <>
Digital Medievalist <>
Text Encoding Initiative <>

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