Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Catholics and Hebrew Scholarship in Medieval and Early Modern Europe

19 May 2020

The Institute for Medieval Studies

The University of Leeds

Leeds LS2 9JT

Held under the auspices of the Andrew Marvell Centre

for Medieval and Early Modern Studies, The University of Hull,
and the Institute for Medieval Studies, The University of Leeds

The study of Hebrew in sixteenth-century Europe is most often
associated with Protestants, who required that the Bible be studied in
its original languages. But that is to tell only half the story. This
symposium is an opportunity to consider Hebrew scholarship in medieval
Europe as well as the work of later Catholic Hebraists such as Johann
Reuchlin, John Fisher, and Roberto Bellarmino. How did such scholars
understand the relative authority of the Hebrew text and of the Latin
Vulgate? How fairly did they deal with the Hebrew text, given the
demands of polemic? What value did they put on Jewish interpretations
of biblical texts? This is a unique opportunity to shed light on a key
— but neglected — aspect of medieval and early-modern Christian
Hebraism. The symposium, which is a follow-up to the seminar series
that took place in Hull on ‘Peoples of the Book’ (November 2019 to
January 2020), will incorporate an Exhibition from the Cecil Roth
Collection of Judaica and Hebraica.

Organizing Committee from the Universities of Hull and Leeds: David
Bagchi, Philip Crispin, Eva Frojmovic, Alaric Hall, Michael Haughton,
and Veronica O’Mara, with Konstanze H. Kunst as Curator of the

Speakers: Jessica Crown (British Library); Eva Frojmovic (University
of Leeds); Cecilia Hatt (London); Michael Haughton (University of
Hull); Eyal Poleg (Queen Mary University of London); Piet van Boxel
(University of Oxford); Julia Walworth (University of Oxford); and
Joanna Weinberg (University of Oxford)

Registration: Standard fee: £30; Students, unwaged, and retired: £20

Booking: https://tinyurl.com/re5losn<https://nam10.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/?url=https%3A%2F%2Flinkprotect.cudasvc.com%2Furl%3Fa%3Dhttps%253a%252f%252ftinyurl.com%252fre5losn%26c%3DE%2C1%2C44SbqkcHTadsOFaKFKKDi5pzE-Fty4rkhk3QCxwEk9E4Me4pbs1Yup6373O4Mtu9XGJs1CvatDNpE9L3na0hDHL5YPG8TDbHSB8_CmlP4hSs2_tlBRJ5V0MRTg%2C%2C%26typo%3D1&data=02%7C01%7C%7C6921a8253db04702889a08d7bc131910%7C84df9e7fe9f640afb435aaaaaaaaaaaa%7C1%7C0%7C637184662618047154&sdata=dTuSE%2B2%2Fo%2Fj34jFHQG%2BUbqJLYiHaYj%2FGOFZUgsTcdbc%3D&reserved=0>
             Deadline: 5 May 2020

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