Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Full calls for sub-themes for the 2020 Sewanee Medieval Colloquium, *Privilege
and Position*, are now available on our website:

We invite papers engaging with privilege and position in global medieval
cultures. The Colloquium meets *April 17-18, 2020* in Sewanee, TN; our
plenary speakers will be Seeta Chaganti (University of California, Davis)
and William Chester Jordan (Princeton). Financial aid is available, at


   - Gender and Genre in Medieval Literature
   - Interested Gifts: Generosity, Power, and Privilege
   - Manuscript Privileges
   - Mysticism and Hierarchy
   - Peasants and Privilege
   - Peripheral Medieval Studies
   - Private Law in Theory and Practice
   - Privilege and Position in Pedagogies Medieval and Modern
   - Privilege and Position in *Piers Plowman *(sponsored by the *Piers
   Plowman *Society)
   - The Privileged Afterlives of Early Medieval Saints
   - Privileging Gower (sponsored by the John Gower Society)
   - Querying Privilege in Medieval Drama Scholarship: Performance vs. Texts

Submissions are due *November 1, 2019*, through our website or via e-mail
at Any submission to a sub-theme that is
not accepted will be automatically placed in our general call (so there are
two chances for your paper to be accepted if you apply to a sub-theme).
Thank you to the organizers of these sub-themes, and we look forward to
your submissions!


Matthew Irvin

Director, Sewanee Medieval Colloquium

Pronouns: he/him

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