Friday, November 4, 2016

Winchester: An Early Medieval Royal City. 10-12 July, 2017

A conference on the development of the city of Winchester, its cultural and political life, and its place in the early medieval world. Hosted by the Winchester, The Royal City project team in association with the University of Winchester.
We are looking for papers and paper sessions on aspects of the Anglo-Saxon and Anglo-Norman city of Winchester from the sixth to the twelfth centuries. These may include the structures of power and Winchester's place in local/regional/national/global histories (eg the 'Second Viking Age' or the 'Anarchy'), Winchester's minsters, representations of the Anglo-Saxon city in (early) medieval literature, the role of the city in the development of language and literature, comparative work on other early medieval royal cities (e.g. Laon, Cordoba), urban topography, the Anglo-Saxon heritage of Winchester since the middle ages, and more... The aim of the conference is to be both multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary, to think about the position of a city within a wider community, the communities of the city itself, and the perceptions of the city.

Ryan Lavelle
Carolin Esser-Miles
University of Winchester

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