Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Call For Papers:
Medieval Rites: Reading the Writing, Yale University, New Haven, CT
April 21-23, 2017
CFP Deadline: January 1, 2017
To study the history of the Christian liturgy is usually to study texts. Though some
texts survive even from the period of the early Church, it was mostly during the Middle Ages that thousands of texts—prayers, hymns, and lections—were compiled and organized into large and complex liturgical books. Some of these medieval liturgical books continued to be used by worshippers even into modern times, or served as modelsor anti-models for compilers of post-medieval liturgical books.
Moving beyond the notion that writing was simply a means of coordinating ritual
activity, or an alternative to oral transmission, Medieval Rites: Reading the Writing will explore the breadth of possible literate interactions with Christian liturgy during, before, and after the Middle Ages, in both Eastern and Western traditions.
Anyone interested in reading a 20-minute paper at the conference may send a 300-word abstract toismevents@yale.edu, by 1 January 2017.
Authors of accepted proposals will be notified by email no later than the end of January.
Conference organizers:
Henry Parkes (Yale Institute of Sacred Music)
Peter Jeffery (University of Notre Dame)

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