Saturday, October 8, 2011


2012 Center for Ancient Studies Symposium MASONS AT WORK Architecture and Construction in the Pre-Modern World at the University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia) 30 March-1 April 2012 The symposium aims to assemble specialists in various fields to examine building practices in the pre-modern world, with an emphasis on aspects of construction and structure in ancient Greek, Roman, Byzantine, medieval, and early-to-middle period Islamic architecture. While some technologies and built forms may be shared across pre-modern cultures (such as vault construction or the use of centering), other may be specific to a single period or region (such as the use of concrete or structural ribs in vaulting). In addition to a panel of invited speakers, we are soliciting 20-minute papers that examine the problems pre-modern masons commonly encountered – and the solutions they developed – in the process of design and construction. Evidence may be drawn from a variety of sources, including written evidence and the archaeological record, but for the purpose of the symposium we encourage studies based on the analysis of standing buildings. Keynote Address: Lynne Lancaster (Ohio University) Commentator: Kostis Kourelis (Franklin and Marshall University) Organizing committee: Lothar Haselberger, Renata Holod, Robert Ousterhout Call for papers: Those wishing to speak at the symposium should submit by email a letter to the organizing committee, including name, title, institutional affiliation, paper title, plus a summary of 200 words or fewer. Graduate students should include a note of support from their adviser. Deadline: 30 November 2011; the final program will be announced by the end of November. Submit proposals to with “Masons at Work” in the subject line. Note: There is no registration fee; receptions and meals are provided to all speakers. However, speakers must arrange their own transportation and hotel accommodation. Philadelphia has a major international airport and is easily accessible by train. A conference hotel rate will be available at the Club Quarters in downtown Philadelphia, a short bus ride or walk from the campus. Those wishing to attend but not speak should register in advance to guarantee space is available. More information will be available in the second circular.

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