Tuesday, November 2, 2010

New HA Issue and Share postmedieval cluster

It is with very great pleasure that I announce the publication of The Heroic Age Issue 14.1! This issue marks a number of rather exciting firsts. It is the first, so far as I know, joint publication of a shared cluster of essays between two different organizations, with two different emphases in the field, in two different formats (one entirely online and the other chiefly [though not exclusively] in print. For us at HA it is also the first of a series of new practices: in this case, guest editors putting together a section of essays in their areas of expertise. In this inaugural issue, we have Eileen Joy of postmedieval and the Babel Working Group has put together a cluster of essays published in both HA and in postmedieval: Essays by Elaine Treharne, Gillian Overing and Clare Lees, and Mary Dockray-Miller appear in HA at http://www.heroicage.org. At the Palgrave website for a limited time, essays appearing in the postmedieval authored by Jacqueli!
ne A Stodnick and Renée R Trilling , Kathleen Davis, Carol Braun Pasternack, and Lisa M. C. Weston and appear at http://www.palgrave-journals.com/pmed/journal/v1/n3/index.html#Critical-exchange-II:-The-State-of-Early-English-Studies-(Editor:-Eileen-A.-Joy). In addition, John Sodeberg contributes the first of a new column for us in the field of late antique/early medieval archaeology.

Another first for HA is that we have an embarrassment of riches. So we have split the issue slightly in order to give each section its due and recognize each set of authors for their excellent work. 14.2 which will appear later this month is guest edited by Andrew Rabin on Anglo-Saxon Law. We are pleased to have Kathryn Powell, Lisa Oliver, Nathan Breen, Jay Paul Gates, Rebecca Brackman, Daniela Fruscione. Along with these fine articles, we are quite pleased to have a review essay by Marijane Osborn. A full table of contents is available at: http://www.heroicage.org/issues/14/toc.php

I'd like to thank Deanna Forsman, Eileen Joy, Andrew Rabin, and Brad Eden for their hard work in helping all this come to fruition. I would also like to mention and thank Bill Hamilton, Kris Vetter, and Heather Flowers for editing and copy editing; without them performing this task, this issue would not appear. Thank you all. I hope you, the reader enjoy the issue(s), and as always, commentary is welcome.

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