Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Latin and Greek in the Summer

The Department of Classics offers an intensive 8-week summer school
for beginners with parallel courses in Latin and Greek. The courses
are primarily aimed at postgraduate students in diverse disciplines
who need to acquire a knowledge of either of the languages for
further study and research, and at teachers whose schools would like
to reintroduce Latin and Greek into their curriculum.
In each language 6 weeks will be spent completing the basic grammar
and a further 2 weeks will be spent reading simple, unadapted texts.

For further information and an application form see our website:
or contact Vicky Janssens, Department of Classics, University College
Cork, Ireland, tel.: +353 21 4903618/2359, fax: +353 21 4903277,
email: v.janssens@ucc.ie

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