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Picturing Crusade: Remembrance and Negotiation (1)

CFP for International Congress on Medieval Studies 2010

Picturing Crusade: Remembrance and Negotiation (1)

The task that confronted the earliest crusaders to the Holy Land was the formation of a new kingdom and, by extension, the establishment of that kingdom’s character. Conventional pictorial expressions of identity were insufficient for the unique geographical, political, religious, and cultural context that defined the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem, subject as it was to the historical exigencies of the eastern Mediterranean and the shifting demographics of its component principalities. Arguably, the success of the synthetic “crusader art” that emerged in response to these needs may be gauged by its persistent influence on the imagination of the West, long after the definitive loss of Latin holdings in the Levant.

Accordingly, this session hopes to sketch the parameters of a new crusader art, an art that emerged in the wake of the failure of the enterprise that was the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem. We aim to address new or little-explored visual modes occasioned by the loss of territories in the East and the attendant cultural aftershocks. With this goal in mind, appropriate topics include (but are not limited to) the assertion of poignant relations to the history of the Latin Kingdom, manifestations of cultural or religious identity predicated on the crusades, the adoption of new political or devotional practices, commemorations of the crusades, and articulations of loss or desire after the collapse of the Latin Kingdom.


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