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Parallels, Exchanges, Points of Contact

45th International Congress on Medieval Studies (May 13–16, 2010)

As an extension of its interest in Chrétien de Troyes, whose work was a
pioneering combination of the Celtic and the Classical traditions, the
CHARRETTE PROJECT 2 ( hopes to showcase
new research
which uses the materials of Celtic Studies (of any branch, from early medieval
texts to modern folklore), in conjunction with any other type of medieval
literature - native lore, hagiography, renovations of classical texts, lyric
poetry, etc. in Old French, Latin, Old/Middle English, Old Norse,
German etc. -
and which is enriched by combining the two. Foreign outcomes of
Celtic themes,
Celtic outcomes of literary motifs or trends from elsewhere, syntheses,
juxtapositions, and uncanny parallels with no clear solution, are all equally

The purpose is twofold: (i) to suggest some ways in which the field of Celtic
Studies continues to be relevant, useful, and sometimes even indispensable to
its neighbour disciplines, especially medieval French literature; and (ii) to
show that research in Celtic studies also benefits from this kind of
interdisciplinary conversation.

Proposals should be sent to to Matthieu Boyd (Dept. of Celtic Languages and
Literatures, Harvard University; by September 15, and
should include an informative abstract and the Participant Information Sheet
available from Any
questions, email

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