Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Early Medieval Archaeology Project (EMAP)

The Early Medieval Archaeology Project (EMAP) is a collaborative
archaeological research
consortium based in University College Dublin's School of Archaeology/Queens
Belfast's School of Geography, Archaeology and Palaeoecology, (with
Investigators in Dr. Aidan O'Sullivan, UCD and Dr Finbar McCormick, QUB (see for team and collaborators) and research partners in CRDS, ACS
and MGL

EMAP has been funded by UCD Seed Funding 2007, the Irish Heritage Council
Archaeological Research Grants 2007 & 2008 scheme and the Heritage Council
2008 programme. A funding application has also been made for the INSTAR 2009

programme for further research and publication.

EMAP completed in 2008 a series of archaeological reports based on its
research and we
are delighted to announce that all these can now be downloaded at our
website at

O’Sullivan, A., McCormick, F. Kerr, T. and Harney, L. 2008 Early
Medieval Ireland:
archaeological excavations 1930-2004, EMAP Report 2.1
available to download at

This is our major work of archaeological synthesis in 2008. This report
provides a
complete study of early medieval excavations in Ireland, 1930-2004 and
reviews the
subject in terms of early medieval settlement, dwellings and landscape; the
medieval church; death and burial; agriculture and economy; crafts and
industry; trade
and exchange. The report – with 352 pages, figs, tables and an
extensive bibliography -
will be published as an archaeological monograph by the Royal Irish Academy,
Dublin in
2009. It obviously requires further editing and fact checking and we would
appreciate any and all comments on the text, preferably submitted to before January 31st 2009.

Harney, L., O’Sullivan, A., McCormick, F. and Kerr, T. 2008 A
bibliography of early
medieval archaeology in Ireland version 1. EMAP Report 2.2.
available to download at

This is the largest bibliography of early medieval archaeology ever compiled
in Ireland. It
is based on our database of c.4,500 entries from the 19th century to 2008
and this is
version 1. Undoubtedly, publications have been omitted and we would welcome
comments. We hope it serves as a useful resource for all archaeological and
researchers of this period in Ireland and beyond.

Sands, R., Harney, L., Kerr, T. and O’Sullivan, M. 2008 A database of
early medieval
archaeological excavations in Ireland, 1930-2004. EMAP Report 2.3.
Available for download at

This ‘hard copy’ document provides a summary account or list of
the much larger and
more useful EMAP Research Database (on 2,208 early medieval archaeological
sites) that
has ben developed under the supervision of Dr. Robert Sands. Further
research in 2009
aims to improve this database and to place it online in the project’s
Research Portal at

In 2009, we look forward to enabling more archaeological research on early
Ireland; when we have plans for an ambitious study of early medieval
settlement and
landscape, which will be our second monograph for publication in 2009. We
will be
developing a version 2 of our early medieval archaeological bibliography. We
also hope to
develop as an early medieval archaeology research portal - with
interactive website and an online database of early medieval excavations

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