Friday, January 23, 2009

Dear Colleague,

I am writing you on behalf of the conveners of the German Historical Institute’s Medieval History Seminar to urge you to encourage your students with some command of German to apply to participate in the sixth Medieval History Seminar, to be held in London, from October 8 to 11, 2009.

The seminar is designed to bring together American, British and German Ph.D. candidates and recent Ph.D. recipients (2007-2008) in medieval history (broadly defined) for a weekend of scholarly discussion and collaboration. Having been a part of this seminar since its inception, I can testify to how useful the experience has been for both the Anglophone and Germanophone students who have participated through the years. Students need not be working on “German history,” and their German need not be perfect. However the seminar provides a unique opportunity for students to encounter the rising generation of young medievalists in Germany.

This year we have received some excellent applications, but we are frankly disappointed with the number. Therefore the GHI has decided to extend the deadline for applications to February 15, 2009. If you have any advanced graduate students or recent PhDs who would like to receive positive feedback on their work from their German contemporaries, as well as from Michael Borgolte (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin), Frank Rexroth (Universität Göttingen), Barbara H. Rosenwein (Loyola University Chicago), Dame Janet L. Nelson (King’s College London), Miri Rubin (Queen Mary, University of London), and myself, please encourage them to apply. Full information on the program can be found on the GHI website: .

Students may also email me for more information at or write me at the Collegium Budapest, Szentháromság utca 2.
H-1014 Budapest,Hungary, where I will be until the end of March.

With all best wishes,
Patrick Geary

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