Friday, November 7, 2008

daily "bretha" of the Tríar Manach

Are there any websites out there entirely in Old Irish? Probably
not, until now:

This site gives voice to the daily "bretha" of the Tríar Manach. An
old question among the Celts was "What is this day good for?" We
hear it, for example, in the Táin (O'Rahilly's edition of the first

"Cét fer ndéinmech dó oc foglaim druídechta úad, is é lín
doninchoisced Cathbad. Íarmifoacht araili dia ḟelmaccaib do
ṡudiu cid díambad maith a llá sa."

"He had one hundred noble men learning druidry from him, that is the
number whom Cathbad taught. One of his students ask him what that
day would be good for."

And now - ta da! - we have the Monks on line to tell us what each
passing day is good for, based on their own experience from the day
they renounced the world right up to the day they had a falling out

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