Thursday, August 1, 2019

Here and There CFP

Every region had its centre and its borders. This was true for Europe, the Empire, particular kingdoms, Christianity, the Muslim World. The borderlands were often a distinct region which had its own specifics and which was seen by the medieval authors as dangerous, or unknown. This leads to the question of what was known about these distant (or not) lands. The session aims to show how border regions were seen and described by the medieval authors from this or that centre. The goal is to show what were common elements of such regions. Especially how the information from these lands came to the centre and how it was adapted.
Papers are not limited to a particular region or time-frame. The topics to be presented could include:
- information networks
- sources of information
- stereotypes (for example: civilized versus uncivilized)
- the outsider-insider dychotomy
Please submit a paper proposal of no more than 250 words plus contact detail and academic affiliation to Antoni Grabowski: by 31 August 2019.

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