Sunday, August 18, 2019

CFP The Digital Middle
Ages in Ireland and Beyond (A Roundtable), ICMS Kalamazoo 2020 by Vicky
McAlister CFP The Digital Middle Ages in Ireland and Beyond (A
Roundtable), ICMS Kalamazoo 2020, May 2020, Western Michigan University

Sponsored by the American Society for Irish Medieval Studies (ASIMS)

This session will discuss how scholars and students can use digital
technologies to achieve a more nuanced understanding of medieval
culture. At ICMS “Kalamazoo” in 2019 ASIMS sponsored the very successful
Digital Castles roundtable. Particularly enlightening discussion during
this session centered on the ways we can use the digital humanities to
engage students in our work as scholars. Consequently, we would like to
broaden the scope and appeal of a digital humanities session proposed
for Kalamazoo 2020. While the geographic focus is on Ireland, we
particularly welcome proposals that discuss medieval Ireland’s
connections with the wider world. This panel considers innovative
approaches towards better understanding, through digital means, the
material culture of medieval Ireland. As so many of 2019’s attendees (as
well as the majority of ASIMS members) are based at teaching focused
institutions, we plan to particularly emphasize how digital projects can
be accomplished on a budget and at a distance from the geographic area
of study. Presentations will be of less than ten minutes’ duration, with
ample time for audience participation and discussion. Another benefit of
the session’s approach is its multidisciplinarity, reflecting approaches
from history, manuscript studies, archaeology, art history and
literature. This session will therefore provide a venue for an exciting
interdisciplinary dialogue, framed within the digital humanities.

Please send your abstract to Vicky McAlister, Southeast Missouri State
University,  by *Friday, September 6th, 2019.*

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