Thursday, September 14, 2017

Dear Colleagues,

As the strand coordinator for all Music sessions and all Liturgy sessions at the International Medieval Congress at Leeds, I’d like to draw your attention to the upcoming deadline for Session Proposals (Sept. 30, 2017).

This year marks the 25th Anniversary Congress, which will meet from 2-5 July 2018 at the University of Leeds. Paper and session proposals on any topic related to the Middle Ages are welcome, but the conference is especially interested in boosting the number of music and liturgy sessions at the Congress.

This year’s conference theme is “Memory” and sessions and papers intersecting with memory are especially encouraged, but sessions and papers on any topic in Medieval music or liturgy are welcome.

More information and proposals may be submitted using this link:

A few closing notes:

Though the deadline for individual papers has passed (Aug. 30), the Congress makes every effort to place individual papers that come in after the deadline. Individual papers may be submitted using the same link above.

For those of you wishing to attend Med-Ren Maynooth (5-8 July 2018),fortunately there is only one day overlap between the two conferences this summer and transportation between the two sites is not terribly complicated or costly.

Finally since this is the 25th Anniversary Congress, if anyone wishes to make a proposal for a musical performance at the Congress please be in touch with me directly at the email address below.

Best wishes,

Dan DiCenso
ddicenso -at-

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