Thursday, September 14, 2017

Call for Papers, International Congress on Medieval Studies, 2018
Sessions: Bede and Material Culture (I and II)
Sponsored by:
Organizers: S. Rowley, M. MacCarron, P. Hilliard

Fueled by recent discoveries and benefiting from over 70 years of
meticulous labor, the study of insular material culture has become
essential to any scholar seeking to understand the societies located in
early medieval Britain and Ireland.  The relationship between Bede, the
primary textual source, and that material record continues to be a source
of dialogue and debate.  While both the study of insular material culture
and the understanding of Bede have greatly developed over the past thirty
years, these new perspectives have not always been brought together.  It
seems fitting then to facilitate further dialogue and integration by
focusing our two sessions on Bede and material culture.

For these sessions the theme of Bede and material culture is broadly
understood and may include the impact of material culture on Bede and the
use of material culture for understanding the age of Bede.  Additionally,
papers are also welcome which place Bede himself in a thick context of
early anglo-saxon material cutlure and/or advance ways in which the study
of material culture helps us to read better Bede’s own scholarly writings.
 In short, these sessions are dedicated to explore what things have to
tell us about Bede and his world. Please contact Paul Hilliard at with questions and submissions.

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