Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Revamp study for historic church

Medieval hall to open to public

The potential significance of dietary offsets for the interpretation of radiocarbon dates: an archaeologically significant example from medieval Norwich

Medieval buildings destroyed by fire in Bergen

Saxon grave 'couple' may have been two men

Hengoed medieval hall to be open to the public

Greece: 4 arrested over illicit medieval treasure

One man's medieval solution to pesky pigeon problem

Ancient 60-mile dyke path opens

New Viking grave find in central Sweden

Alert as human bones discovered at dig

Archaeologists unearth 12th century abbey

Saxon graves found in Lakenheath

Descubren frescos de hace 1000 años en iglesia del Líbano

Nails around Tahluj ancient skeletons puzzle archaeologists

Oldest Tarikkhaneh minaret found in Iran

Medieval barbers did more than cut hair

Greece: 4 arrested over illicit medieval treasure


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Larry, that radio-carbon one's going to be a useful citation against sloppy dating in the future... The rest is really interesting too, of course, but that one I can use.

Anonymous said...

Gah! And my colleague who's sitting behind me right now, his wife is the second author :-) It's a small world...

Anonymous said...

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