Friday, September 11, 2020

 Call for Papers: “The Lost Latin Historiography of Late Antiquity” **at

the Leeds International Medieval Congress, 5-8 July 2021*

*Sponsor:* National Science Centre Poland project “The Missing Link. The
Lost Latin Historiography of the Later Roman Empire (3rd - 5th century)”

*Organizers:* Paweł Janiszewski and Aleksander Paradziński

            “The Missing Link. The Lost Latin Historiography of the Later
Roman Empire (3rd-5th century)” project, funded by the National Science
Centre Poland, aims to collect and study cases of lost or fragmentarily
preserved history works composed in Latin in the Later Roman Empire in
accordance with Classical historiographic models, such as political
narratives, chronicles, annals and biographies. In line with this goal we
invite scholars at all career stages to submit proposals for twenty-minute
papers relating to the subject of “The Lost Latin Historiography of Late

            Suggested topics for papers include, but are not limited to:

   - Identity and biographies of authors of lost history works
   - Reception of Classical historiographic models in Late Antiquity
   - Transmission of fragments
   - Regional idiosyncrasies of history writing in the Roman Empire
   - Audiences and author’s networks– composing history as a social activity
   - Defining history – categories and boundaries of form and content of
   historical genres in Late Antiquity
   - History writing in the post-Roman West – continuity or a break?
   - History of the scholarship on the lost and fragmentarily preserved
   Latin historiography

Please send paper proposals in English of no more than 300 words to
Aleksander Paradziński ( by 18 September 2020.
Please note that conveners are, regrettably, unable to cover the congress
registration fee and travel expenses.

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