Thursday, June 7, 2018

Open call: Modeling Travels in History: an ORBIS-esque Hackathon @ Uni
Vienna (July 18-20, 2018)

Everyone is familiar with Google Maps—all of us are using it on a daily
basis. In 2012 a group of researchers at Stanford (led by Walter
Scheidel), developed Orbis ([1], which, one
may put, applied the same geographical principles to a particular
historical context. Dubbed “a Google Maps for the Roman Empire”[2], this
model became a popular historical online resource and an object of envy
for scholars working in other historical contexts.

Inspired by Orbis, the Uni-Wien DH Team is organizing a three-day
hackathon at the University of Vienna on the theme of map visualisations
for historical data. One specific objective of the hackathon will be to
build a sort of “Orbis-in-a-Box”—an open-source platform that would
allow others to model movements of people and objects in different
historical and cultural contexts. (For more details on this particular
idea, see:

We are inviting interested digital humanists with an inclination for
coding to partake in this 3-day event in Vienna. We are able to offer
small bursaries to offset traveling costs.

If you would like to attend, please send a message to with “ORBIS-esque Hackathon” in the subject
by 30 June 2018, stating your current institutional affiliation (if any)
and your motivation for participating in the hackathon. Please also
specify whether you are applying for a bursary.

Yours truly,
Uni-Wien DH Team
Tara Andrews, Mária Vargha, and Maxim Romanov

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