Sunday, September 13, 2009

Woodlands, Trees, and Timber in the Anglo-Saxon World

Woodlands, Trees, and Timber in the Anglo-Saxon World

*14th -15th November, 2009*
*The Institute of Archaeology*
*University College London

*Keynote speakers:*
> Oliver Rackham
> John Blair

With a guided tour of the Museum of London stores and new Medieval Gallery
by Damian Goodburn on Nov 13th

Panels: (14th -15th November)

€ Trees and Woodland in the Anglo-Saxon Landscape: (John Baker)

Sarah Semple, ŒGarden's of the God's: plants, trees and groves in the pre
Christian landscape¹

Jane Sidell, [title tbc]

€ Wood and Timber in Anglo-Saxon Material Culture: (Gustav Milne, Andrew

Martin Comey, ŒThe wooden drinking vessels in the Sutton Hoo ship burial:
materials, morphology and usage¹

Richard Darrah, ŒFrom tool marks to tree rings: the archaeological evidence
for timber use in Anglo-Saxon England¹

Damian Goodburn, ŒThe humble dugout boat: the Volkswagen of Anglo-Saxon

Carole Morris, ŒAnglo-Saxon lathe-turning: tools, techniques and products¹

€ Trees and Woodland in Anglo-Saxon Religion, Art, and Literature: (Richard

Michael Bintley, ŒThe south Sandbach Cross ŒAncestors of Christ Œ panel in
its cultural contexts

Clive Tolley ŒWhat is a ŒWorld Tree¹, and why should we expect to find one
in Anglo-Saxon England?¹

€ Timber Buildings in the Anglo-Saxon World: **(Eric Fernie)*

Mark Gardiner, ŒWrought by human hand: the employment and image of timber in
late Saxon buildings¹

Michael Shapland, ŒThe great stone divide: timber as the secular building
material of Anglo-Saxon society¹

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