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mancass conference

Manchester Centre for Anglo-Saxon Studies

Easter Conference

26�28 March 2008


Leaders of the Anglo-Saxon church

This residential conference will focus on the individual and collective contribution of particular bishops, abbots and abbesses (e.g. Hild, �thelthryth, Aldhelm, Mildthryth, Eorcenweald, W�rferth, �thelwold, Dunstan, Oswold, �lfric, Wulfstan, �lfheah, Stigand) to the achievement of the Anglo-Saxon church from the seventh to the eleventh centuries.�

Speakers include Joyce Hill, Nicholas Brooks, Debby Banham, David Hill, Alex Burghart, Francisco Alvarez Lopez, Stephen Matthews, Christopher Grocock and Allan McKinley. The programme is not yet completely full however and further papers of� 30 minutes are invited on any aspect of this topic, including the role of individuals in the establishment, government, scholarship, architecture and art of the church and in furthering (or harming) the reputation and power of specific communities within it.

Abstracts (500 words) should be sent without delay to

Dr Alexander Rumble,
Manchester Centre for Anglo-Saxon Studies,
School of Arts Histories and Cultures,
The University of Manchester, Oxford Road, Manchester M13 9PL
or by email to

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