Thursday, September 20, 2007

Vikings: Melbourne Symposium


*A symposium at the University of Melbourne, 24 November 2007*

*Supported by the ARC Network for Early European Research*

Most peoples of early Europe had contact with vikings as they
traded, raided and settled across a wide geographical area.
Traditionally vikings have been seen as enemies of the peoples they
encountered, and of the Christian church. This symposium invites a
broad exploration of the concept of 'viking enemies' from the
traditional to emerging concerns such as the challenging climate of
the Scandinavian homelands, the arrival of Latin-based culture or
the current marginalisation of medieval studies within many
Australian universities.

Due to the wide sphere of viking activity, researchers working in
virtually every area of early European studies can contribute to
this theme. It is hoped that this symposium will bring together
post-graduates, early career researchers and senior academics from a
variety of disciplines to exchange views and perceptions of vikings
and their enemies.

Papers relating to any aspect of the theme 'Vikings and their
Enemies' are invited for the symposium. Please submit your
proposal including an abstract of 100-200 words, working title and
your contact details to the symposium convenor, Dr Katrina Burge,
School of Languages and Linguistics, University of Melbourne
( ) by *1

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