Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Journal of Late Antiquity



The Johns Hopkins University Press

The Journal of Late Antiquity (JLA) is a multi-disciplinary
and inter-disciplinary journal covering the world of Late
Antiquity, broadly defined, including the late Roman,
western European, Byzantine, Sassanid, and Islamic worlds,
ca. AD 250-800 (i.e. the late and post-classical world up to the
Carolingian period). JLA also fills a serious void in the
English-language scholarship, for there currently is no
English-language journal devoted to Late Antiquity. JLA will
provide space for scholarship dealing with both practical
and theoretical issues and will bridge the gap between
literary and material culture scholarship. JLA also will serve
an advocacy role for late antique scholarship by providing
not only a previously lacking publication venue for all late
antique scholars but also a venue for emerging late antique
scholars who have trouble finding the proper niche for
publication. JLA will accommodate not only for medium
and (if deemed particularly significant) longer length
articles specifically devoted to original research, but also for
brief notes discussing significant observations that might
not otherwise find their way into the scholarship.


Scholars of Late Antiquity are invited to submit previously
unpublished material for consideration for publication in
JLA. Contributions should have a clearly stated thesis and
argument firmly based in the use of primary source
material We particularly encourage submissions relating to
the relationship between material culture and traditional
literary sources. If there is a single theme that we would
expect all of the contributions to manifest, it would be that
in some manner they illuminate Late Antiquity as a discrete
period with its own unique identifying characteristics.

Submissions may be forwarded in e-format (WORD or
Ralph W. Mathisen, Managing Editor, at ralphwm@uiuc.edu
and ruricius@msn.com

Queries on books for consideration for review may be forwarded
to one of the JLA Review Editors: Hagith Sivan
(helenasivan@yahoo.com), Richard Lim (rlim@smith.edu), or
Dennis Trout (troutd@missouri.edu)


One-Year Subscriptions to JLA are available at the following rates:

Individuals (paper OR online) $30.00
Institutions (paper OR online) $75.00
Institutions (paper AND online) $105.00

To subscribe, call 1-410-516-6987 or tollfree, 1-800-548-1784

For further information about JLA, contact Ralph Mathisen
(ralphwm@uiuc.edu or ruricius@msn.com)


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